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Appointments: Please call the office to set up an appointment. You cannot do this through the internet.

Telephone calls to Dr. Gruenn: Unless in an acute emergency you will not be able to talk to Dr Gruenn during regular office hours. Please leave your question with the office staff. Usually Dr Gruenn returns calls after office hours or the next morning. Complex medical issues require an office visit or at least a telephone consultation at regular fees.

Emergencies: In case of a serious medical emergency call 911 or go directly to the nearest emergency room. If you need to reach Dr Gruenn outside office hours, call the office number (310-966-9194) and follow directions. Dr Gruenn will be paged and will call you back. Should you need a prescription, please have your pharmacy number ready.

Hospital privileges: Dr Gruenn does not practice hospital medicine. Should you require hospital care, we will refer you. Dr. Gruenn encourage you to stay connected with a physician that has hospital privileges.

Billing: Fees must be paid when services are rendered. The Office staff will provide you with a superbill that has all the information your insurance carrier needs to reimburse you.

Lab fees: The Office has negotiated low fees with the different laboratories we use, which we pass on to you. Our fees are therefore often significantly lower than the fees the lab would bill your insurance carrier. However, we only can pass on our low fees to you, if we receive payment on the day the lab services are rendered. Should you prefer that the laboratories bill your insurance directly, we are happy to arrange that. There is a handling fee for each lab we use, a fee for venipuncture and a fee for a lab visit. Please be aware that some of the functional medicine tests may not be considered medically necessary by your insurance carrier and therefore might not be covered.

Lab results: Dr Gruenn will only call you with the results of blood tests or lab if they contain critical values and need immediate attention. Otherwise you will discuss lab results during your next visit with Dr Gruenn. Make sure to book a follow up appointment whenever you have blood drawn or any other lab procedure performed.

Changing or canceling appointments: Please let the staff know as early as possible if you need to change your doctor’s appointment. We will charge for missed or changed appointments, unless the staff is given one full business day's notice. (Business days are Monday to Friday). You will be responsible for 50% of the full service fee.

Renewal of medications: To refill your medications please have your pharmacy FAX us a refill request at (310) 966-9196. We cannot refill your medications unless you schedule a follow up visit with Dr Gruenn every 12 months. Renewal of medication should be done well in advance. Except in case of an acute emergency Dr Gruenn does not refill medication after office hours when your medical record is unavailable for review.

Supplement orders: You can reorder your supplements by clicking on: "Dispensary Shop" or by  calling the office (310)966-9194, follow Prompt. 

 We welcome any suggestions how we can improve our service to you.