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Treating chronic pain is complex and needs an individualized diagnostic and therapeutic approach. There is a new modality, called Ondamed, that can be used for acute or chronic pain (back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain…), headache/migraine and fibromyalgia.


ONDAMED is a therapeutic modality that combines Pulsing Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and biofeedback. Research has shown that both PEMF and biofeedback are safe and effective for pain management and a wide range of conditions. Pulsed electromagnetic fields applied to the outside of the body induce microcurrents within the tissues thereby promoting relaxation, muscle re-education, pain relief, stress relief, reduction of inflammation and possibly improvement of the immune system.


PEMF was originally developed and tested for the treatment of non healing bone fractures, a rather debilitating condition. The method has been accepted by many in the orthopedic community and is widely used. Success with bone healing led to testing PEMFs on other tissues, and it was found that PEMF signals stimulate healing in skin, ligament, tendon, muscle, and nerve.


ONDAMED has been used successfully in Europe since 1993 and is now being used by physicians throughout the US. ONDAMED not infrequently improves symptoms for which patients have tried various treatments and have run out of options.